Jaipur Urban Adventures

Jaipur, the legendary city of Rajasthan is often referred to as the cultural capital of India and is an epitome of heritage and royal legacy in the country. The close-knitted tradition flowing in the city presents a complex mix of Rajput and Mughal empires that have ruled the forts of Jaipur. We at Jaipur Urban Adventures are a bunch of Travel enthusiasts, crazy about the culture and colors of Rajasthan and have pledged to bring the beauty of Jaipur to the world.

Our tours reflect our attitude towards life- Free, Local and highly Spirited. We show you the best of Jaipur- Take you cooking with a local family, introduce you to the vibrant Bazaars, unveil the Red-sand stone monuments and entice you with a Bollywood Movies. Jaipur Urban Adventures is all about looking at Jaipur, India’s most visited city, from an unusual angle and providing the Visitors with what we say their Best.Day.Ever.